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The Year of Gratitude Box

Once you order your 2021 gratitude box, you will have taken the first step towards making 2021 your year!

Your gratitude box is going to guide you on a journey to discovering more joy. You will practice gratitude and reap the rewards that come with it! We are creating a community of women who support each other and are actively practicing sharing gratitude and joy!

Each month you will open a fun bag and crack open your gold-lined envelope to find your journal prompt, an activity to help you practice your gratitude, and the bits & baubles you need for the activity. 

Inside your box you will find 12 tempting (but sealed) bags with surprise monthly activities, goodies, and journal prompts to help you practice gratitude! Try not to peek ahead, the surprise is part of the fun! This will be an experience of fun surprises, practicing a gratitude mindset, and creating a community of women trying to create more joy in their lives! Come share the journey with us!

As we go along, we will be sharing our gratitude practice as a community on social media and we would love to see your progress! We will open our bags the first of every month and share the activities as we go! Send the boxes to your friends for a gift that will bring them joy every month and help them grow on their journey!

Some hints of what to expect: We start you off right with a new gratitude journal in January. Surprises from there: Gear for a girls' night, gifts wrapped and ready for you to send gratitude for your friends, ways to help your family practice gratitude, goodies to help you practice self-love, and some challenges sure to keep gratitude in your heart!

For less than $9 a month you can join us for a year of fun! Click here to see more info on the box! P.S. We are covering shipping which will save you $15-$20 depending on your location. Why? Because we are grateful for you and want you to come join us!

Monthly themes:

January- Starting your gratitude practice- New journal, anyone? It is in here!

February- Gratitude for your BFFs- Girls night!! You will find a game inside and some much needed gold eye masks for the long night ahead!

March- Snail mail gratitude activity- Don't worry some gorgeous "Thank You" cards are part of your bag!

April- Mother Earth gratitude- This is a fun activity and everything you need is in your bag!

May- Giving gratitude- Some beautiful items from our shop are in your bag for you to send to your friends- wrapped and ready to go!

June- Gratitude for the one and only YOU- look inside for some treats to help you relax! 

July- Family gratitude activity- Time to get a bit crafty!

August- Sharing your blessings- This activity will bring you some clarity and have you giving back to others!

September- Gratitude for serenity- some self care goodies!

October- Celebrating the time you have- Your bag will take on a different purpose this month...

November- The month of gratitude- This bag has a nostalgic activity you are sure to love!

December- Sharing gratitude with others and our wrap up for the year!