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Our Story

The love of friendships, snail mail, and surprises brought about Sunshine & Wildflowers!
This spring, my friend Ally and I had to cancel our meetup due to COVID-19. Our meetups had become an annual tradition since she moved out of state. Since we couldn't meet, I sent her a "sunshine package" and we began sending gifts to keep connected outside of social media. We both loved the small surprises and began sending packages to our loved ones and friends hoping to brighten their days.

Jewelry and accessories were my favorite to send as I could find trinkets and baubles that reflected my friends' personalities or style. Baubles that matched the seasons or celebrated small moments were especially fun to send out! I sent gifts from Etsy and Amazon but the experience was not consistent and it took me a long time to find unique pieces. I also wanted my friends to open a package that looked stuffed with joy.

Ally and I began brainstorming what we would create if we owned a boutique. Our boutique's aim would be simple- send joy. Send joy to your friends, to your family, and to yourself!

We are the two women behind every item you order. We pick out every item, package the pieces ourselves, and send joy to you and your friends! We are new but we are dedicated and hope you will trust us with your business. Subscribe below and join us on the journey!